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The National Council on Education(NCE) is inviting interested, qualified persons to participate in a vital aspect of our schools’ development. Volunteers are being sought to serve on school boards in Region 3 (Trelawny and St. Ann).

Volunteers must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

Board Chairmen:

  1. post secondary education;
  2. three years’ experience in supervisory management;
  3. proven track record in supervision and management;
  4. a deep interest in education and nation-building;
  5. excellent negotiating, inter-personal and conflict resolution skills.

Other NCE nominated members must be numerate and literate.

All nominees must be willing and available to serve and should be fit and proper persons.

A “fit and proper” person  is defined as one who is of sound mind, and  who has not been convicted of an offfence under the Offences Against the Person Act, the Child Care and Protection Act or an offence of fraud or dishonesty.


For further information, kindly contact:

                        The Executive Director

                        Attention: The Director of School Governance and Public Relations

                        National Council on Education

                        56 Duke Street


                        Telphone Contact: 922-8021/8159,   


About Us

The establishment of the NCE was born out of the need to have a non-partisan, national and strategically placed organisation that would "address a wide range of issues impacting on the education process".


For general information about the NCE, please contact us at:

  • nce(@)
  • Executive Director: 968-4609 
  • School Governance & Public Relations: 906-8145, 908-3238
  • Finance & Admin: 754-8995
  • Policy & Planning: 754-6679
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